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  1. News and Announcements

    All the latest news and announcements from the Reflex staff team.

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  2. Reflex Updates

    The latest updates to the server and forums will be made here.

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  3. Community Input

    Staff held polls or general threads asking for the communities input.

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  4. Referral Applications

    Post thread here about your referral application!.

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  5. Planning Room

    Out staff will post our future plans here , which our beloved community can discuss about!

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  6. Feedback

    Post feedback for the server, forums, and staff, as well as make suggestions for both the server and forums.

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  7. Server Support Applications

    Those interested in becoming apart of the support team may post an application with us today! Please make sure to read the announcement and use the format. You must have at least 15 posts to post in this board.

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  8. Other Rank Request/Applications

    For those interested in getting their in-game rank on the forums, or applying for specialty non-staff positions. Make sure you use the formats and meet the requirements before posting.

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  9. Knowledge Base

    All important threads about Reflex can be found here.

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  10. Play Now!   (259 visits to this link)

    Just in case you can't see play button above :)

  11. Welcome

    Here are all automated welcome posts!

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