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GFX Artist Application

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These are the official rank request format for the GFX Artist Rank, to make a rank request for forums please use this format:

The post will remain active for 2 weeks from the day it was posted, if it doesn't get the vouches required it will be removed

If your post is denied, you must wait 30 days from the day it was denied to re-apply

Failure to wait the 30 days will result in you being blocked from applying again




GFX Artist Rank:


l9eaEiC.gifGfx Artist




 Your account has to be registered at least 1 month ago on the forums


You must have either a GFX Shop or a GFX Gallery on our forums


You must have made GFX art for at least 10 members of the community

(GFX for the server/forums are special cases, Zanyte or Myself will let you know if you fall into this category)


You application needs to receive 3 staff vouches and 10 player vouches






In-game name:


Programs you use:

GFX Store or Art Showcase link:

Names of players you have made GFX art for:

3 Items you feel best show off your artwork:



*If you have received the Graphic Designer Medal, mention that as well.*


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